Quantum theories emerged about a century ago with the completely new view of the Universe then the previously established classical one. However, only very recently we are really moving to the quantum era with the direct applications of quantum theories in very diverse disciplines as telecommunication, technology, material science, bioscience, cryptography, quantum computing and so on. The new established International Quantum Frontier series, acts as a platform for exchange of experience, research directions and techniques, and nexus for new ideas in the Quantum Sciences by bringing together and encouraging collaboration between researcher working on different aspects of quantum theories and their applications in “real life”.


The Quantum International Frontiers 2019 (QIF 2019) held at Shanghai University will include following topics:

  •  Developments in Theoretical Concepts in Quantum Chemistry
  •  Spectroscopy, Molecular Structure and Dynamics
  •  Quantum Effects and Applications
  •  Quantum Computing and Artificial Inteligence
  •  Quantum Information
  •  Quantum Modelling for Energy Conversion and Storage
  •  Plasmas and Particles in Chemistry and Physics
  •  Catalysis, Reactive Collisions and Chemical Reactions
  •  Surfaces and Interfaces of Complexes and Clusters
  •  Molecular and Nano-materials for Electronics
  •  Atoms and Molecules in Strong Fields
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