1. Simulation of fluorescent dyes optical properties --Xinxing Li


2. Disulfide bond molecules: a theoretical and semi-experimental study of high accuracy structures -- Hexu Ye


3. Quantum chemistry computations for protein structure refinement and validation -- Ping Wang


4. Quantum computations for proteins spectroscopic probes -- Youjia Liu


5. Spectroscopic properties of DNA building blocks -- Yage Zhao


Past Projects

1. Understanding the structure-function relationships by simulating and interpreting spectroscopic outcomes —— MSc. Hongli Zhang

2. Accurate determination of energies and molecular structures for isolated amino acids and small peptides mimicking protein local arrangements —— MSc. Zhongming Jiang

3. The Challenging Equilibrium Structure of HSSH: Another Success of the Rotational Spectroscopy / Quantum Chemistry Synergism --Hexu Ye

4. Toward accurate prediction of amino acid derivatives structure and energetics from DFT: glycine conformers and their interconversions -- Chong shu

5. -- Mingzhu Sheng

6. --Zhenlong Gong

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